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Stop the regulation of firearms to 3/person, stop alienating hunters in NYS

A bill proposed by NYS Governor Anderw Cuomo wants to limit the number of firearms a person can be in possession of. Possessing 3 or more firearms is be criminal if the bill passes. A rifle or shotgun will be considered an "assault" firearm if the magazine is detachable.
In 2010/2011 over 700,000 hunting licenses were purchased in NYS generating over $31 million dollars in revenue for NYS. These can from legal gun owners, who own and properly operate firearms on a daily basis during hunting season.
Did Gov. Cuomo consult any hunter or licensed sportsman when drafting this bill? Does Gov. Cuomo understand the sport of hunting and how limiting a person to 3 firearms severely limits their capabilities to succeed in the sport of game hunting? Does Gov. Cuomo understand you don't use the same firearm for home protection that you do for bird hunting, and that firearm is different from what you use for big game hunting, and that firearm is different than what you use for small game hunting, and that firearm is different than what you use for deer hunting? Having a bird gun, a deer gun and a handgun for home protection puts you into the category of criminal possession under this new bill...

CALLING ALL HUNTERS and SPORTSMEN alike, sign this petition and let Gov. Cuomo know that he's hurting the very people that support this state. Let Gov. Cuomo know that we as sports men/women and outdoors men/women do not agree with what he calls "criminal possession" that we do not agree that a standard 5 clip magazine that works with our bolt-action rifles make our rifles "assault weapons"

Sign the petition and let Gov. Cuomo know that we as citizens of the state he governs over are not happy and a change needs to be made!

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  • Bill NO S01422 - Don't regulate our hunting firearms!

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