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The bare minimum of preventive measures needed to protect against school shooters.

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It is a fact that America has faced numerous school shootings in the past decade. Despite this, It is entirely likely that gun control policy will continue to be debated for decades. The price we pay for democracy is a system that can be slow moving when controversial topics are up for debate. We have the option to sit on our hands for a few years or make some very basic compromises that most can agree on. 

In our public schools, there are some very clear security flaws that make it very easy for incidents to occur on school grounds. 

  1. Many public schools simply have too many points of entry that are not monitored with an adequate degree of attentiveness. For this reason, It is incredibly easy for potential criminals to enter school grounds. I petition for check-points at every entryway into a given campus.
  2. It is very easy to bring weapons of any kind onto school grounds. The fact is that students are not screened for metal or potential weapons in most public schools. I petition for a standardized screening process that is required for entry into all public schools. 
  3. We face a severe lack of security personnel. It is not feasible nor expected that officers be everywhere at once, but there is a need for them to be in large enough numbers to operate effectively. I petition for a standard ratio of security personnel based on the amount of students within a public school. 

I am no politician. I am no law maker. My political ideologies do not matter. I am a young college student from Broward County who has decided that something has to be done. I feel the need to act. To many, these issues are obvious. We need to take a few steps towards a better future, and we can't do that without deciding what the bare minimum of security should be. Sign this petition with hope that these simple ideas will reach Florida representatives. 


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