Noise pollution and safety wall needed on SR54 at 7 Springs Golf and Country

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The amount of growth in our area of New Port Richey with home building and new businesses has caused an increase in road noise .This road noise is disruptive and it is difficult to find peace. We live in Seven Springs golf and Country club and can hear a multitude of vehicles .  We have used an app that shows the decibels between 60 to 90 at any moment of the day.  New Port  Richey’s noise ordinance is 55 or less for residential areas.  We are looking to have a wall placed on 54 for noise reduction and safety as there have been accidents and trespassing creating a safety and security threat.  

We have spoken to the county who said it is the states  responsible. The state representative we talked to told us that the decibels were calculated (prior to making the 6 Lane highway On SR 54) and they determined no wall necessary. However, now that it is a 6 Lane Highway and they are in the process of building thousands of new residences, we think it needs to be re-evaluated for a sound barrier wall.  The noise ordinances are routinely violated and no one is doing anything about it. We are doing what we can by installing new windows. Unfortunately this is not going to fix the problem and things are going to get worse as they continue to build along the 54 Corridor. We are 2 working professionals who are using earplugs at night to try to drown out the noise so that we can get some rest.  Please HELP.

We have spoken to Chuck Henson with Bay news 9 regarding this issue and it wii air on the Monday morning news  with the traffic report  3/19/18.