Mandatory drug testing performed by Child Protective Services

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Did you know that Child Protective Services does not perform drug testing unless they are given consent of the person they are testing? So this means, if they get called to a home, even with their main reason being for drug use they do not drug test. That means, if a person who is clearly abusing drugs or alcohol they can tell you no for a drug test and Child Protective Services will leave the home.


This needs to change; Child Protective Services should be REQUIRED to take a drug test when visiting a home that had reports of substance abuse. A simple drug test can show if there is substance abuse in the home and can take the next steps necessary on the child safety in the home.


Two thirds of homes with substance abuse have shown to have physical abuse in the home. In 2014 state agencies identified 1580 children who have died from abused and neglect. That’s between four and five children a day! 70% of those children were two years or younger. More than 80% were not even old enough for kindergarten. These children did not have a voice, they could not get help themselves. If one drug test can prevent even one child’s life, don’t you think that’s worth it? We cannot allow drugs to be present in the home of children, especially ones who aren’t old enough to help themselves.

How many more children need to go through this? We can stop this; one drug test can save thousands of children. Be the change, you want to see in the world. 


Check out for more information on child abuse statistics.