Check the presidents' power to fire nuclear weapons

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We believe the fact that a single person (the president) has the power to obliterate the planet with the push of a button whenever he deems it right is, frankly, ridiculous. There can and should be checks on this presidential power. We want to propose a resolution: The White House Command and Control Check resolution: 

Section 1: The President of the United States may only fire a nuclear projectile or weapon as the aggressor after receiving an official declaration of war from Congress. After receiving a formal Declaration of War, the president has authority to fire nuclear bombs on only the country that Congress specified in its Declaration until either an armistice or peace treaty is signed into affect. 

Section 2: In the event that a nuclear war is fired at the United States, the president must wait for a vote from the Nuclear Retaliation Committee.

The aforementioned committee will be a panel of five senators appointed by the Senate Majority Leader. They will vote to decide to either retaliate with nuclear force or to not fire back and send word of the vote to the president by official Notice of Course of Action. 

If the nuclear retaliation committee does not offer an Official Notice of Course of Action to the president within fifteen minutes of the first report of a nuclear launch directed at the United States, the president may act of his own accord and deciding to retaliate or not to retaliate. 

Official Notice of Course of Action will be defined as either a letter or an email sent directly to the president signed by all five of the committee members expressly  stating the majorities decision. 

Is this constitutional? Our measure may be debated because it would seemingly infringe upon the presidents role as commander-in-chief, but we believe it is constitutional because the founding fathers never could have assumed the that bombs of this magnitude would ever be created. They did not write the Constitution under the assumption that the president would have the power to kill so many people so easily, therefore, measures preventing the action should be considered constitutional. 

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