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To prevent the cruel and inhumane treatment of dogs used for hunting purposes.

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Please pass Daisy's Bill into Law. I recently was able to help Daisy, a hunting dog that was found wandering the roads abandoned in the Ft. White Florida Wild Life Management area. She still had the indentation of where a collar had been but had obviously been removed to prevent anyone from identify the cruel human being who dumped her out like trash. She was dehydrated, starving, and covered in ticks and fleas. I believe she had been out there for more than a week. We need to make these hunters be responsible for their actions.

I would like to have this bill passed to make ALL hunters who hunt with dogs, and hold a license to hunt in the state to have to microchip their dogs. These microchip numbers would then be attached to their hunting licenses so that when a dog was found they could be identified as to their owner. If the hunter no longer wants the dog then they would be charged for the cost of humanely disposing of the animal or face fines and the possibility of loosing their license to hunt legally in the state controlled wildlife management areas.

This would stop the senseless and cruel "dumping" of innocent animals who then end up dead through the terrible ordeal of starvation or other injury. It would save money for the county humane society where the animal would be dropped off at, and would guarantee that they are not treated like trash.

On behalf of Daisy, who was lucky enough to be found and cared for and who has now found her forever home, and for those who will NOT be as fortunate as her and will suffer terrible cruelty please pass this bill. If we make them pay for the right to use animals like equipment then they might be more inclined to treat them better when they no longer want them.

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