Abolish fair use policy for NBN Sky Muster! Offer unlimited internet service to rural AUS!

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In today's world where dependency on technology and staying connected is unavoidable; residents of rural and remote Australia are still experiancing segregation from accessing competitive services when it comes to Internet providers. 

This petition is designed to send a strong message to NBN Co and the decision makers that rural and remote Australians deserve to have access to the same services NBN consumers have in Australian Metro areas. 

ABOLISH Fair use policy for NBN Sky Muster Service!

By signing this petition, you will help rural and remote Australians come one step closer to accessing the same services and pricing plans that metro consumers have. 

What is fair use policy?

In 21st Century, this is the most controversial policy ever imposed on consumers! 

Sky Muster™ satellite service Fair Use Policy is in place to ensure fair access to the services over the new satellites, including during peak-usage times. This Fair Use Policy applies between nbn and the internet service provider. The internet service provider may have a separate fair use policy which applies to premises.

Price comparison?

Below are some pricing plans, clearly outlining the disadvantage that rural and remote Australian consumers have over metro Australian consumers. 


Plans outlined below are the highest in its category.

METRO - IINet NBN FIBER 100 plan allows UNLIMITED DATA and download speeds of up to 78.6MBps costing $99.99 per month 


RURAL AND REMOTE - IINet NBN Sky Muster Standard plan has allowance of 60GB which you can only access between 7am and 1 am and off-peak data allowance of 190GB which you can only access between 1am and 7am with maximum downland speed of up to 25MPps costing $64.99 per month

Currently, the only company providing more data through NBN Sky Muster service is IP Star offering 200GB of peak data for $155 per month. 


We urge as many Australians as possible to sign this petition and assist rural and remote Australian consumers to have access to the same internet plans and rates as metro Australian consumers. At present, rural and remote Australians are paying up to 3 times more for services that are limited and much much slower!