Support excise parity for Canadian craft distilleries

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Canadian Distillers and Farmers need your help to achieve excise parity with US Craft distillers south of the border, and this is where you come in

Join Canadian Craft Distilleries, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and Canadian Farmers and Orchardists by calling on the government to match the US Small Distillery Reduced Excise Rate that has led to such a massive increase in employment and domestic agricultural development south of the border.  Since the US reduced its excise rate for Small US distilleries in 2017, there have been over a thousand new distillery upstarts, requiring tens of thousands of great paying local jobs, and hundreds of thousands of acres of domestic local agricultural production.  Talk about locals powering local products and local culture!

Canada's 250 local distilleries desperately need your support so they can mirror this success right here in Canada and help power your local, and our collective national economy one bottle at a time.  Every bottle a Canadian Craft Distillery produces comes from local grain or fruit producers in your vicinity, and Canadian Craft distilleries employ dozens of local residents who support their families in their local environments.

With your support, those dozens of employees can turn into hundreds of employees if distilleries are put on an even playing field with our US competitors and allowed to grow and flourish.  To highlight how much of a driver every community’s local distillery could potentially be; each 200L barrel of Canadian Whisky produced requires 1 ton of local grain grown by local farmers, and every bottle of gin or vodka made requires 20 lbs of locally grown Canadian apples or fruit!  The best part is...when you support local Canadian Distiller's by enjoying their 100% Canadian made products, you are really powering your own local economy while contributing to national fabric and culture by celebrating everything Canada, from "Farm-to-Flask'!

We believe there is a large opportunity for all elected leaders in Canada to help foster the domestic reconstruction of the distilling sector, the Canadian agricultural sector, and the economy as a whole as recovery from the pandemic begins. 

We ask you to call on the Canadian government to announce immediately that it will match the framework of the reduced small distillers excise rate that has proven to be so successful in the U.S., therefore allowing our sector to expand Canadian job creation and Canadian Agricultural development.  This is something everyone can stand behind regardless of party membership, especially considering that we all need to stand with our domestic Canadian entrepreneurs if we are to survive the economic fallout from this pandemic.

What we are asking for is extremely easy to achieve as the model has already been proven successful south of the border. 

Please support value-added "Made-in-Canada" by calling on the government to put Canadian Farmers and Distillers first in powering our Canadian economy!