Registered Parenting Savings Plan. NEW RPSP! Stay home and raise your kids... With INCOME!

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In a world where it's even hard raising children on a dual income, life on a single income while trying to raise a child is almost impossible. We have something that can help change that. A new financial plan.

This new plan, Registered Parenting Savings Plan (RPSP), would give parents the opportunity to stay home longer than the currently allotted Maternity Leave, while having a full time income. It changes culture, society, mannerisms. Parents raising their own children. Not Day Cares, or babysitters, or etc...   This idea impacts Canada as a whole. If each individual household is stronger, then that makes the neighbourhood stronger. Making each community stronger. And so on...

I own a cafe and regularly deal with parents walking in with baby strollers. The common question I ask is, 'how is your sleeping pattern?'  More often than not, they say they don't have one yet and they already have to head back to work. In further discussion, we learn that if they could stay home longer to raise their children, they would.  It would make parents and children happier.  This plan addresses this problem.  I like helping people and this idea came from trying to help my customers whom we consider our extended family. 


The Breakdown


A registered savings plan for parenting would allow parents to stay at home for an extended period of time to raise their children and have an income while doing so. 

We want to add this to the already existing Registered Products, RESPs and RRSPs. 


- maternity leave not long enough
- single income not enough to live off
- daycare costs too high
- daycare availability not always accessible
- people other than parents are raising children (babysitter, daycare, strangers, other family members, teachers, TV, social media, etc)

Solution:      RPSPs



- Less stress on families in making ends meet. More time and money.
- better raised children (no one can care for a child better than a parent).
- better future for Canadian Culture and Society, stronger family dynamic.
- stronger Canadian Families equals a stronger Canada. Families support each other
- less penalties and fees, allowing roll overs.
- Your left over money in your RESP is allowed to roll into future RPSP for beneficiaries. Consideration for allowing RRSP to be allowed to roll into beneficiary RPSP. This has a huge benefit to families and the economy. Money that would sit doing nothing will now be put back in the economy sooner. Benefits families and our Government.

This could encourage Canadians to have more children as well. 

If you were to have children now, there would be no RPSP savings for you. So, we are requesting that like RRSP loans, we could get RPSP loans or transfer RRSP money over to this RPSP plan. 


This plan also benefits our government. Less daycare payouts. Less crime. More money in Registered Pool to work with. Money will stay Registered longer. More income. Leftover RRSP roll over to future RESP and RRSP.  RRSP money that would sit tax sheltered would now be in circulation sooner. 


Everyone. Parents. Grandparents. Aunts. Uncles. Friends. Citizens. Immigrants. 


When setting up RESPs, automatically have a portion of the RESP payment go into a RPSP plan. 

Grants. Get an incentive for investing in the plan. 

If parents don't use the full RPSP, save for future or roll into their RRSP. 


By signing this, you give each Canadian a better opportunity at having and raising a family. It helps not only you, the plan beneficiary, but also our government. Please Sign this and have RPSPs become a reality. Let's be a part of the system and help change tax laws in Canada. 

Thank you. 

Yes. All in all I like to help people. So please sign this and lets help more people and our Country.