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Support for Girl child education

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Support for girl child education:

     True knowledge leads us to light from darkness. Let me share with you an incident that lives up to this motto. A farmer inherited debt after  his father's death. His sole support was a small piece of land. Due to drought condition his harvest suffered and whatever little he could earn, its major chunk was given to landlord to pay off his debt. For eleven years of his life he worked tirelessly from dawn to dusk to barely meet his family’s needs and pay off the lender’s debt. Due to illiteracy he was oblivious to the fact that how much he actually owed and how much he had paid off over the period of eleven years. Caught in this vicious cycle of debt his family suffered endlessly. His daughter, a 7th grader who fortunately got an opportunity to be educated at a charitable school was well aware of their plight. She started taking account of his father’s meager income and then she made an educated estimate that over the years her father had already paid off the actual amount of debt and on top of that they have overpaid the interest. She gathered the evidence and educated his parent and villagers about the issue. Fortunately when their case was taken up in the village council, the land lord had to give up his wicked practices. This is not an uncommon case where due to lack of education people fall prey to opportunistic people who are in charge of power and who know how to exploit poor. Although unusual achievement was the ability of this girl who could implement her educational training to courageously defended her family's rights.

     The power of education advocates for itself but unfortunately education for girls still needs advocacy around many parts of the world. In developing countries girls will be more secure when they gain education and become self reliant. Problem is that majority of rural population in India is below poverty line thus, parents have to chose between food and education for their children. Under such circumstances girls are often subjected to neglect and contempt.

     Solutions are such schools that can provide free education to these underprivileged girls so that their family can allow their daughters to reach their maximum potential without sacrificing their sparse livelihood. Its appropriate to quote from one of my college course in General Psychology, where American Psychologist John Dewy has mentioned in ‘theory of education’ that education and process of earning knowledge are result of a broad give and take of information not only at school level but also with the community at large, thus, schools are the organizational tools capable of transforming entire society.

      My main appeal is to recognize and support the institutions that are providing free education to such deprived girls and working as pioneers that can elevate entire society.  Some of such exemplary institutions are Kripalu Balika Primary School, Kripalu Balika Intermediate College and Kripalu Mahila Post Graduate College that are transforming the lives of about 5000 under privileged girls in the direly poor region of Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India.  Not until I visited Kripalu schools and colleges, I eye witnessed how these institutions are reforming the lives of girls by empowering them with well rounded training, enabling them to gain self reliance and playing a key role in improvement of socio -economic status of entire community. Considering the fact that Kripalu School provides 100% free education the skills taught here not only make these girls scholastic but also well rounded person. Hence, this petition seeks Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Development division to acknowledge the humanitarian feats of Kripalu Balika Primary School, Kripalu Balika Intermediate College, and Kripalu Mahila Post Graduate College by extending financial help to expand this cause.

     Please sign this petition and applaud the spirit of schools like Kripalu School that are opening new doors of opportunity for girl students, who are the bright future that will pull the entire community out of the dearth of illiteracy and poverty. Let us all come together and support the efforts for girls education for a better future. 


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