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Please invite Congressman Alcee L. Hastings to be a guest on “Real Time with Bill Maher”

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Mr. Bill Maher and Mr. Marc Gurvitz:   Please Invite Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL) to be a Guest on “Real Time with Bill Maher” to Discuss House Resolution #752 !

•1st Time in History U.S. Congressman Brings Resolution to End Dog Meat Trade in China

We respectfully ask you to consider Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL) and Marc Ching as one-on-one guest interviews on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”  Both of these gentlemen are at the forefront of this very important issue.  As you well know, celebrity power speaks like no other to shine a much-needed light on the causes that matter in this world.  House Resolution 752 synergistically combines two subjects that are passionate to you both:  politics and animal welfare. 

September 2016 has seen much activity in terms of public and political awareness and discussion about the dog & cat meat trade across Asia, as follows:

 • 14th September 2016 – A Panel Briefing on H.Res. #752 was held on Capitol Hill, hosted by Congressman Hastings.  At the briefing, Marc Ching showed :60 of previously UNSEEN UNDER-COVER VIDEO FOOTAGE that was taken by him on his recent 9th trip to Asia; only :25 is shown here ….VIDEO IS GRAPHIC: 

• Coverage from Talk Media News – “Dog torture video brings tears to many at Congressional hearing -- screams of disgust and anger accompanied by tears echoed throughout the Congressional Auditorium Wednesday morning as hundreds viewed a graphic video depicting the heinous torture and murder of countless dogs slaughtered throughout parts of Asia for the canine meat trade. “I always said if you don’t see it, no one will believe you,” said Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation founder Marc Ching, while struggling to fight back tears. “You’ve got to see it, because once you do, if you can walk away from that you’re not human.”           

• 12th September 2016 – Westminster Hall – UK Parliament debated on South Korea and the dog meat trade.  (Parliament also debated the ongoing consumption of dog meat on 5 November 2015).

• 7th-12th September 2016- The UK Daily Mirror provided much needed prominent front-page and multi-day coverage of the DCMT in Asia- (Headline:  “Defenseless dogs scream in agony as they are boiled ALIVE for sick trade in meat....)

WE BELIEVE THE TIME IS RIGHT TO CAPITALIZE ON THE PROMINENCE THAT THE DOG AND CAT MEAT TRADE IS NOW RECEIVING, BOTH FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND IN THE PRESS.  SOCIAL MEDIA IS HELPING TO PROPEL THIS ISSUE IN A MAJOR WAY, AS THE INTERNET IS ALIVE WITH HORRIFIC IMAGES OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN REAL TIME.  At the time of our writing this petition, H.Res. #752 has 148 co-sponsors, but we need more to pass this critical resolution that will set the tone for future discussions and negotiations about the dog and cat meat trade.

We cannot stress enough that the sick reality is that these dogs and cats are tortured because a percentage of the Asian population promotes “culture” that is based upon mis-guided beliefs and myths…. that the stress hormones and adrenaline released by tortured animals make the meat more tender and tasty, that dogs blow-torched alive produce meat that cools the body during the summer and warms it during winter, that cats boiled alive make tonics that cure arthritis, and that the more the dogs suffer before death, the resulting meat will make men more virile, a “bogus Viagra,” if you will.  This is intentional torture - people cannot be allowed to hide behind their culture in order to justify torture and barbarity.

Local Asian activists on the ground are actively stopping dog/cat transport trucks, rescuing animals, protesting in the streets and putting their life on the line with corrupt police and politicians standing in their paths.  The majority of Asians, especially the younger generations, want to see an end to this business, and desperately want our help.

In summary, our collective plea is to implore you to share your stage and invite Congressman Hastings and Marc Ching onto your show for an interview and conversation. In our humble opinion, they would make excellent guests, ones that we believe would interest your dedicated audience. 

 Thank you for your consideration.

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