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Stop using Apple Classroom at Essex Technical High School

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Apple Classroom is a newly used application that aims to solve a problem few kids have, by allowing staff to have more access into students' lives than ever before. At Essex Technical High School, all students are required to have an iPad. It is at the teachers discretion whether or not they will be used, and how much they will be used. 

It is claimed there is an issue of kids being distracted by their iPads since they are able to acess the internet, games, etc. They believe that to solve this, teachers must now be able to remotely view, operate, and control the students iPad. 

There is, first of all, no reason students should be distracted on their iPads. If the teacher is giving a lesson, they can simply tell the kids to put the iPads away. If the kids are supposed to be on the iPads to do work, and are instead playing games, they are hurting no one but themselves. For this reason, there is no justification for having all students' iPads visible to the teachers at all times, for both privacy and safety reasons. 

If a student received a text or iMessage from a parent concerning a personal issue, the teacher does not need to have access to that. If students are using an app such as YouTube to watch a video, the teachers do not need to be able to see what they watch on their own time. If students receive a medical reminder about an issue they may have, the teacher does not need to know about it, because none of this is effecting the teacher, or the other students. If a student chooses to not do their work, they have to accept the consequences.  There are countless other circumstances where there is no justification for teachers to be able to view and freeze a students' screen without them knowing.

There are, without a doubt, people who use technology irresponsibly in school. There is also, without a doubt, a much less invasive, overbearing, and one-size-fits-all-solution to this problem.

We ask the administration of Essex a Technical High School to reconsider their decisions regarding the usage of Apple Classroom. 

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