Remove the Confederate statue from the Murfreesboro Square.

Remove the Confederate statue from the Murfreesboro Square.

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The Confederate monument has served its time on the square in Murfreesboro.

As with all of the battles of the Confederacy, his cause is over.

That war is over, and this commemoration belongs to a cemetery or a museum.

Our city respects the Constitution of the United States and we find it wrong to memorialize insurrection against our Union.

This statue was erected in 1901 and removed in 1914 from its original position to face Washington D.C.

Moving the statue was a political statement then.

Moving the statue is a political statement now.

We are at war today as a nation.

We are at a war with ourselves.

We are all part of the trials of the people of color in our community and we need to change the status quo.

This monument to the lost cause of war against the United States belongs somewhere other than the representative hall of justice in our city.

Communities in the South are removing statues as a show of solidarity.

Communities like Birmingham, Alabama, and Richmond, Virginia are already removing these symbols of a bygone era.

Remove it for the soldiers who fought and died for the United States.

Remove it for the slaves and the descendants of slaves.

Remove it for those who fought for the United States and still lost their rights to unfair voting and other laws in this region over the last 119 years.

Remove this statue.

Now is the time.