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Don't cut funding to Habitat For Humanity

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This petition is addressing the section 4 Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing Program, which the 2018 presidential budget seeks to eliminate.

My mother has been a seamstress at an industrial fabric company for the last 20 years. She often comes home with bloody finger beds from the needles that pierce her, consistently works 40-50 hours per week, and is a reliable employee. In 2003, when I was 11 years old, my mother became the sole breadwinner. The following year, we lost the house because my mother couldn’t afford to keep up with the payments on her income alone. She didn’t want to claim bankruptcy because she knew it would kill her credit and it would be nearly impossible to buy a home again. So she sold the house, at a loss. We moved into an apartment, and a few years later during the economic crash she was laid off for 6 months. I tried looking for work but no one wanted to hire me until my senior year of high school. We went from apartments where cars got broken into to studios where I slept on the floor and sometimes would go without heat because that was what my mother could afford.

In our area Habitat for Humanity has stepped up to help so many people, including my mother. Now my mother has a home where she can lay her head, a dream that seemed would never be fulfilled. 


Habitat For Humanity is NOT A HANDOUT. My mother is paying back for the cost of the house. What she doesn't have to worry about is interest that would put her in a situation like when we lost the house. She has a home where I don't have to worry if she's safe, where I know that she will have heat, electricity and running water. Because I didn’t have to worry about my mother’s safety I could pursue my own dreams without worrying that I had to stay home to work to help with the bills. This is possible because of funding Habitat For Humanity receives to continue making homeownership not just a dream but also a reality. The budget proposal seeks to eliminate aid to Habitat for Humanity, which would mean families like mine all across the nation, wouldn’t get a chance at the American dream. I urge you to think of those families when the budget proposal goes to congress for approval.

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