Benefits for a class of Veterans who are suffering from Anthrax Vaccine Injury

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Sara Boyd
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Thousands of Veterans are suffering from medically unexplained illnesses as a result of the Anthrax Vaccine and are being left behind due to our current system. The VA admits that the Anthrax Vaccine is a possible exposure for Gulf War Syndrome, otherwise known as chronic multisymptom illness, along with many other possible exposures. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that several thousands of non-deployed veterans are suffering as a result of the Anthrax Vaccine and therefore have no laws in Congress covering this entire demographic.

In order for this specific class of Veterans to receive the benefits they deserve, we need Congress to enforce an additional ruling much like that was set forth for the Gulf War Registry Exam. Congress needs to include the following: Allow Veterans experiencing Signs & Symptoms of Medically Unexplained Illnesses to be service connected as a result of an Anthrax Vaccine injury; Allow Anthrax Vaccine Injured Veterans, regardless of deployed status, and their family members to receive care at the CDC speciality and Mayo clinics for testing, treatment and Diagnosis; Pay off any accrued Medical bills and Lawyers fees for Anthrax Vaccine Injured Veterans gained while fighting for their diagnosis, treatment and benefits; Allow Veterans who have been granted unemployeablility status or who are 100% disabled through the VA automatically eligible for Social Security Disability Income through the SSA, along with Veteran Retirement Benefits; specific to those veterans affected by the Anthrax Vaccine. 

Personal story
I am one of the many veterans who fit in the class of veterans described above. I served ten years on active duty in the Army from 1998 to 2008. I was found unfit for duty as a result of my injuries and medical conditions caused by the Anthrax Vaccine. Forced upon me early on in my career as a result of a bill signed by President Clinton called the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP). Making it mandatory for all service members to receive the Anthrax Vaccine during peace time. After 2002, Congress mandated the Department of Defense to change the way they distributed the vaccine by including the following: all service members deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea would receive the vaccine and would need to sign an Informed Consent Form. During the ten years I served, I received over five Anthrax Vaccines without signing one Informed Consent form and deployed to Korea. The Department of Defense included those deploying to Korea to receive the Anthrax Vaccine, but did not include Korea in their Gulf War Registry Exam, even though they admit the Anthrax Vaccine to be a possible exposure for Gulf War Medically Unexplained Illness on the following website: As a result of this negligence, thousands of veterans have been left behind and are not receiving the medical care they deserve. I have been diagnosed with several neurological, and auto-immune medical conditions affecting all body systems. I was forced to medically retire at the age of 28, after joining the military as a healthy 18 year old woman with no history of any medical conditions. The need for reputable research from the CDC and medical care from the top specialists outside of the VA is crucial to determine what is affecting so many of my fellow veterans, to include myself.