Support a TVAAS waiver for Tennessee Teachers

I am a -former- Tennessee teacher. Despite being at the helm of a successful and growing band program that consistently received high marks at adjudication events, I was rated Needs Improvement two years in a row because of tests in subjects I do not teach.

The evaluation became a game. I figured out how to work the in-room evaluation and do very well there, but I never hit the jackpot on which random group of students I should pick for my 'growth measure' to ensure the highest score possible. A classroom observation average of 4 out of 5 twice ended up being meaningless as Random Subgroup B didn't do well on four days of mind-numbing testing in non-representative sterilized environments under repressive conditions.

I left because I couldn't participate in the equivalent of state-sanctioned child abuse any more, especially with the added bonus of irreparable scars on my evaluation record. The state is building a plane in mid-flight with the kids and teachers on board suffering the consequences of their shortsightedness.

Ashley Glenn, Dandridge, TN, United States
5 years ago
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