Stop pre-trial release and ROR programs in Tennessee. No more hug a thug!

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The bail bonds industry is under attack and has been for quite some time. The reason it is a problem for the average person, is that pre-trial release isn't working. Pre-trial release has a lot of money backing it and it's time to say enough is enough.

Pre-trial release

  1. Tax payer funded.
  2. Not supervised properly and no accountability.
  3. Higher rate of Failure to Appear.
  4. No co-signers to help find absconded defendant's.
  5. Is too much of a burden on the Sheriff's Departments to try to serve all of the Failure to Appear warrants.
  6. No taxes generated from private industry
  7. If defendant absconds, justice isn't served and no cost to the one who released them.

Private Bail

  1. Funded by the accused defendant.
  2. Supervised by the bail bondsman. Big risk if he doesn't keep tabs on his defendants.
  3. Lower rate of Failure to Appears.
  4. Most bonds have co-signers to assist in the defendant being re-captured.
  5. Majority of the Failure to Appear warrants are served by the bondsman or an agent of the company.
  6. Sales taxes, business taxes and income taxes paid by the bonding company.
  7. If the defendant absconds, the bonding company is responsible for getting him back and if they don't they have to forfeit 100% of the bonding amount.

There are numerous stories of the bad side of ROR bonds and pre-trial release on How many more must suffer due to the failed policies of ROR?