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Repeal Amendment One

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Amendment One has not only put the right to a safe and fair medical procedure, utilized as a last resort for many women, but womens' rights as well. Amendment One was worded in a way to mislead the general public to be able to pass a bill that would allow any form of legislation to be put into the constitution regarding abortions. This will open the floodgates to a river of legislation that will restrict womens' rights, ultimately hindering their safety as it makes it either too difficult or denies them a safe place to have a legal medical procedure.


It is important that regardless of your personal beliefs on abortion that we keep our government limited in its powers to dictate how we manage our private medical care.


This can set a precedent for the way government will regulate other aspects of our personal healthcare - especially in the day an age of universal healthcare.



We, as the People, do not agree with the passing of Amendment One and feel that it is damaging to womens' rights.

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