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'No' to school vouchers for private schools

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The inclusion of a school voucher system that targets inner city school children for an 'opportunity' at a private school education is flawed in several ways:
1. It does not fix public education in the inner city. It only provides very limited opportunity, at best, for its residents
2. The suggested amount of the voucher. $9,300, will not cover the cost of tuition at several private schools in Tennessee, nor does it include the extra transportation costs, etc. to attend these schools.
3. This action uses public money to enhance and grow private education, which is a misuse of public monies
4. Several private schools in Tennessee were founded after the forced desegregation of public education. To use public monies to now fund these schools in any way is a step backwards.
5. Since the voucher proposal is currently set at $9,300, this could signal a move for private schools to set up shop in the inner city with public education dollars. This is unacceptable.

Understand that this isn't an issue of whether parents can or should send their children to public schools. Parents can and should sent their child(ren) to the school of their choice. This is a simple issue of using public education dollars to fund public education, instead of sharing them with private institutions

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