Freeing Cyntoia Brown

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The issue at hand is the clemency for Cyntoia Brown. As a sophomore in high school my English class followed the case of Cyntoia Brown. I remember all the emotions vividly considering she was close to me in age and that Nashville was right next to the city I live in, Knoxville. She was a 16 year old girl trialed as an adult, and sentenced to life in prison. At the time she was living in a motel with her 24 year old pimp and slept on a couch of a friend. Not having a stable upbringing or home she turned to the streets. After her pimp forced her to be a prostitute( which in court she did not want to refer to herself as ) she met John Allen(43). She denied Allen’s sexual advances after he “was acting awkward” and he showed her multiple guns. Once she tried to go to sleep, he was naked and tried her for sex again. Once he bent across the bed, she felt threatened as if he was reaching for his guns. She shot and killed him. She took the money and brought it back to her pimp, not telling him about the murder. To me, this is significant because the prosecutors said she killed to rob. In actually she was a child being sex trafficked and if she didn’t bring anything back to “cut throat” he would have killed her. Later, she was picked up and questioned ( there was nothing in my research that said she had a lawyer or parent present) she then admitted to murder. 

She has served her time, graduated from David Lipscomb, became an activist for women. Prison provided rehabilitation for Brown. Life sentence at the age of 16 is very harsh, especially for the situation and life predicament she was in.

Brown can help women today that struggles with sex trafficking, mental health, and an activist. We should be aware of the threat that men have on women in the child sex trafficking world. Because this is not a choice. There is no choice. She is a victim by default for being exploited at such a young age. Us, as a country have to come together and not let child sex trafficking become more prominent or impulsive and scared actions will continue to happen. 

My belief is to use Brown’s story as a testimony. Her life has changed completely for the better. Instead of punishing Brown forever, as if her life was not already a punishment. She deserves a second chance at life.