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... Because they cast every other all-American badass action hero ever, and he would be an inspiration to little Jewish boys and girls across the globe.

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Nu Image/Millenium Films The Expendables 3
Nu Image/Millenium Films The Expendables 3
Nu Image/Millenium Films The Expendables 3
Bill Goldberg should be in the cast of The Expendables 3, preferably as a badass with big muscles and tattoos that likes to tote guns.

While casting previous Expendables films, they apparently forget to invite Bill Goldberg. In an attempt to present a comprehensive survey of all-American cinematic badassery, it seems a mystery that one could forget the likes of Bill Goldberg : one-time NFL defensive tackle, two-time Pro-Wrestling World Champion, philanthropist, and master thespian.

At first glance, they seemingly left no muscular stone unturned - Stallone? Check. Statham? Got him. Van Damme? Schwarzenegger? BOTH. Chuck Norris? yeah, him too. They even got some other wrestler, a chinese dude who does wicked karate, and the guy from Die Hard.

In addition to casting the wrestler, the ex-football player, and the unbelievable actor that he already is - they would also be casting a great man and an inspiration. When Bill Goldberg isn't hurting fools on the field or in the ring, he is saving puppies and kitties through his animal welfare advocacy work with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), as well as testifying before congress on the subject of illegal animal fighting (he's against it).

And finally, as a proud Jewish man, Bill Goldberg - once dubbed a "David in Goliath's shoes" by the Washington Post - would inspire millions of little Jewish boys and girls to not only stay fit and healthy - to eat right and exercise - but to pursue their dreams, and always stand up for the weak and powerless of this world.

Please : consider my plea, and the hopes and dreams of film fans everywhere, and sign this petition. Bill Goldberg in The Expendables 3, people. We can do this. Hope. Change. America. GOLDBERG!!!