Lets make the environment greener and responsible citizen too

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Today, we are having less green cover in every metropolitan city and other small cities and villages too. All the old trees planted by our ancestors along National Highways has been cut down by the State or Central Govts to widen the road. While development is necessary, it should not disturb the ecology. If we disturb, then it will backfire as the temperature across the globe is to shoot up 1.5 degree celcius.

In order to minimize it, we need to increase Green cover. I feel all the students between 6th standard and college degree level spanning 9 to 10 years, they can involved in tree cover around the surroundings they are getting educated. They can be given additional marks which can be added to their annual assessment. In this way, we are educating the children to have a responsible society and also help in their education level. Like the colleges having CIA (continuous internal assessment), we can have for schools as well so that their absence, their role in making the surroundings cleaner and greener can be encouraged.