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Show your support for the idea of a National/Green govt.

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** By signing this petition, you are sending a message to Bill English and James Shaw that there is a community of voters out there that believe in the possibility of a Blue/Green government. We are asking them to have a genuine conversation and explore the idea before it’s too late! **

Currently we are sitting in wait for old mate Winston Peters to choose who is going to run the country. After watching all the pundits in media talk about what the next government would look like, it started to annoy me that everyone has been ruling out a National/Green coalition and rightly so as both parties have basically written it off.

BUT they have left the smallest of doors open.

That’s where we come in!

I genuinely think there is common ground between the National Party and The Green Party, which could result is practical policy wins for New Zealand. Environmental issues such as carbon neutrality and social issues like child poverty come to mind. Unfortunately, the notion that the two parties have nothing in common is so well written into their fabric, it’s considered to be not worth exploring or seen as politically dangerous.

James Shaw has said he wouldn’t consider forming a government with National because it would go against the wishes of Green voters. This maybe true but after speaking to some Green supporters, I've found that there are Green voters would be open to a blue/green coalition and I ask Mr Shaw to hear these people out.

Bill English also needs to take stock and be open to the potential that a blue/green government can unlock for New Zealand by hearing that this is also something a large block of National voters would love to see as well.

A National Green coalition government for the next 3 years can ensure than New Zealand will ensure a strong, clean and green economy, the same can’t be said for any government with NZF!

This election season has brought about many extraordinary results and circumstances, it’s only fitting we at least try this now.

Voting every three years is only a small part of what can do to make sure our leaders hear our voice. I would love your support via a signature, but a share on social media can make all the difference!

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