Save our inland fish from seabirds

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The UK inland waters are under siege from seabirds that have come inland in huge and ever-growing numbers and are now resident. Some rivers are already empty of fish and others are getting to critically low numbers. If something worthwhile isn’t done very quickly it could mean the end to the fish in rivers, lochs and lakes countrywide.
Italy have already seen the issue and lifted the ban on dealing with the problem. The current process of licencing currently handed out is off no use whatsoever. The administration required to get a "useless"licence is putting most off even bothering to apply.

This is wrong.

The birds should not be inland and have no place on inland waters.

Once famous salmon rivers and their trout and grayling stocks(plus many more species) will soon be so low that the sale of tickets and permits will no longer be viable. Commercial fisheries cannot buy in stock just to lose it to these sea birds .
We need pictures of damaged fish and information on numbers of both damageand the invasive birds. There should not be any on inland waters and the government, to save our waters and fish stocks,need to lift the ban on shooting the birds before it gets to late and we lose a national treasure.

Personal story
I mainly fish for grayling and trout on Scottish rivers,in such a short time i have seen the numbers of fish fall and fall. The fish i catch are on the whole big and badly marked from beak damage. These are the lucky ones that have been possibly to big to be eaten. Each cormorant can easily eat 2 to 4lbs of fish per DAY !!!!!. Gooseanders pairs can have up to 12 chicks each! A famous northern river was only permitted a licence to shoot 12 birds in the full year.