Bring back the SHSAT

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Deblasio is getting rid of the SHSAT. We all know what that means.

Remember those hard working asian friends that studied their whole middle school to go to Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, and Bronx Science? They have to bear the weight of every other persons struggle once again.

Admission will be based on your class rank instead of academic merit.

This is an important distinction, because powerhouses Mark Twain produce a slew of high merit candidates and have a high asian population. Deblasio's proposal is an attack on high acheiving middle schools like this with high asian populations.

One of Mark Twain's assets is how many children it sends to specialized high schools. When this number is controlled by Bill Deblasio, the  good students will run from Mark Twain to go to a less competetive school.

Asian students can't choose the middle school they want to go to anymore? Every choice is suddenly the wrong choice?

Not to mention that Deblasio could lean toward implementing an interview or essay process which he was pushing  a few years ago.

If we give Deblasio this momentum, admission could be determined by which children are better smooth talkers rather than which students work hard enough to handle the intense workload of these schools.

A random attendance secretary could interview you.

Your next 4 years could be determined by some weird random lady with a smoker voice.

That is if Deblasio gains momentum.

So sign this petition.

The solution I propose is to lower the cutoff for African American Students by 15 points as a reparation for the 100s of years of cultural erasing the crime of American slavery caused. This would not extend to any other group of people, and would preferably only help families with American slavery relatives.

I'm not talking from no where, there is a problem. A majority of Black Stuyvesant students have African last names which means they are most likely immigrants, not a descendant of American Slavery. This means that the damage from American slavery is still very real, but we must do our best to improve their situation without statistically significantly disadvantaging any other particular ethnicities.  

This prevents asian's choice middleschools from being attacked and dissasembled by Bill Deblasio, and if Bill Deblasio gains momentum, it prevents possibly being profiled at an interview or in an essay process, which could be implemented into this plan in the near future.

With this more straightforward solution, everyone can still earn their place at a specialized high school through pure merit, and the African American community can gain their representation too.

In this solution, asians aren't made automatically wrong for choosing the middleschool they like.

So please sign this petition.

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