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The Crisis of Homelessness Must End

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For this year's Junior year Advocacy we are trying to spread awareness to the increase in homelessness in New York City.

This year has been the largest crisis of homelessness since the Great Depression, according to Coalition for the Homeless, about 62,000 men, woman, and children are sleeping in a shelter every night.

One of the causes for homelessness in New York is the increasing gap of affordable housing. We are petitioning for long-term housing with supportive assistance in order to accommodate people with medical needs and serious health issues.

New York must find solutions to prevent homelessness and this would be possible if we have more government involvement so they can create and invest in programs to help the issue of poverty.

This petition will help encourage City and State leaders for more funding for homeless shelters. Shelter funding has been cut by $192 million from 2016 for family and adult shelters even though Governor Cuomo said he would help the homeless in New York when elected. 

To help the reduce the crisis of homelessness the strengthening of rent regulation laws is necessary. The previously homeless and tenants struggling from paying of rent can be protected from their landlords and the opportunity from losing their homes.

Shelters were previously a safe haven for the homeless, however, now shelters' clients are leaving shelters due to the danger inside. Clients have admitted that they rather sleep on the streets than stay in a shelter. A 19% increase in clients with mental illness can account for the increase of violence. In order to solve this problem and welcome more clients into shelters, the government must increase funding. The investment can be used for medical equipment and new programs that will aid in helping those specific clients.

By signing this petition, you can be apart of the solution for homelessness in New York City! Help make officials aware of this crisis and encourage them to support and become involved in the solution for homelessness.



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