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Queens Residents have been notified of a homeless shelter that will be located at 78-16 Cooper Ave, Glendale NY. This homeless shelter will house up to 200 homeless men. This shelter will be located near PS/IS 119, PS/IS 113, Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, PS 87 and PS91 which educates children 3 years of age to 14 years of age.  Not to mention it will be near libraries, a girls gymnastics center, children’s party places and Atlas Mall. I understand that there is a need to house the homeless but it shouldn’t be at the expense of our children. Many homeless people are known to be mentally ill and drug addicted. Many children have to walk to school and will need to pass by the homeless shelter. This is unsafe and can be dangerous to children who must pass this location daily. Please sign the petition which will be forwarded to Mayor Bill De Blasio and Councilman Robert Holden to show that we do not agree with this area as a proper location to house the homeless.