Pay Equity NOW for ALL NYC Prek Staff! Equal Pay for MORE Work! No More “Tale of 2 Preks!”

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The hardworking, experienced, caring, and professional educators, administrators, and support staff in New York City's CBO/NYCEEC preschools have been selflessly serving our most vulnerable children and families for decades. We need to support these dedicated staff members in return, as they deserve to be able to take care of themselves and their families too. While many of them have the same (or higher) qualifications and often more experience than DOE prek staff, and work longer hours, for 12 months of the year, they are consistently paid much less and given sub-par benefits which they must pay into. This is unacceptable! Sadly, those in power have taken advantage of these mostly women of color and they did not even receive raises for over a decade! 60% of the city's prek seats are in CBO/NYCEEC preschools, and the staff working in them can earn as little as 60% of what the staff working in DOE preschools earns - those numbers just don't add up! Help us to fight against this shamefully unjust system, and to correct this extremely unfair salary disparity so that the people truly responsible for "PreK For All" and soon to be "3K" can continue their work! CBOs make Prek in NYC possible! No more "Tale of Two Preks" in NYC! Salary parity NOW for ALL!