Preserve the Prospect Heights Apartment House District

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Gib Veconi
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The blocks of Prospect Heights between Eastern Parkway and St. Johns Place from Washington Avenue to Plaza Street contain 106 apartment houses built between 1909 and 1929, representing one of the first “modern” apartment house neighborhoods in Brooklyn. These grand residences were designed to complement the cultural institutions along Eastern Parkway, and have been remarkably well-preserved. Today, they are home to a socially and economically diverse and vibrant community.

The current zoning in the Prospect Heights Apartment House District allows larger buildings than the ones that currently exist on most of its lots—in many cases, twice as large. Apartment buildings are being sold for prices based in part on these unused development rights. New owners may then find it necessary to increase revenue, perhaps seeking to raise rents, add more floors to their buildings, or even demolish and redevelop properties. This development pressure is likely to increase as the real estate market in Brooklyn becomes even stronger.

I want the history and character of the Prospect Heights Apartment House District to be preserved for residents and visitors to enjoy forever. Please tell the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to designate this area as a New York City historic district as soon as possible.