NYC Eminent Domain Purchase of "Angel Guardian" property for a new Specialized High School

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NYC has thousands of gifted kids who are clamoring for entrance into 7 very selective high schools, including 1000 very smart, talented kids from South Brooklyn who qualify for seats every year. The Angel Guardian Home property consists of an entire city block of open space and four beautiful Beaux Arts Buildings that should be landmarked. It was recently sold for 23 million dollars. A drop in the 24 Billion Dollar DOE budget.


Let's use Adaptive Use, landmark the beautiful exteriors of the buildings and build a much needed new Specialized STEAM school. The Mayor and School Chancellor want to reapportion the available seats to some of the best high schools in the country in a patently unfair manner. Instead of having kids fight over one pie, let's bake more!  Many political leaders have said "Build more schools." "Nobody who scores high enough should be shut out."  "We need more seats." Yet they allowed this once in a lifetime property, in a perfect location, to be sold to developers. 

A new Specialized High School would draw from the fabulous feeder middle schools that are within walking distance from this property. That would free up a like number of spots at Brooklyn Technical High School, Stuyvesant High School and Staten Island Technical High School that can be filled, potentially increasing diversity in an organic fashion.  As an 8th Specialized High School it would draw kids from all of South Brooklyn. The school would be near transportation and would quickly become the crown jewel of the system.