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My petition is for a cause many seem to be juvenile. However this is not an immature cause. My cause is to end homework. The kryptonite to many kids, teens and college students. This major cause, especially to many kids leads to much stress, pain and suffering. This so called homework is a waste of valuable time to me and many others. Many respectable people may disagree to my thesis due to a very significant reason. This reason being, homework is a way for kids to better comprehend the main topic. It is also a time saver for many teacher that want to quickly get rid of a main focus and then start a new one so we are prepared for the main and final level of each year, the state test, the regents, the SH-SAT, and the SAT. However this main speculation also has its consequences. Kids loose valuable time. This so called "valuable time" is not an excuse for kids to play outside and have fun, but an excuse to let people live their lives, spend time with our family and make the best of our life. This matter isn't just national, however this is a personal in my case. I strive to spend as much time with my family. This petition affects my overall life. Just last month, on December 11, 2017, my father passed away. Being 13 isn't fun and is very stressful. I took a whole week off of school to do the funeral, and do rituals that puts his spirit to rest. Due to my religion, we cremate the person to signify the releasing of the spirit. We then release the ashes into the holy river to signify a new start of an iconic saying, "the circle of life". The hardest part was the cremation. As the son, I pressed the button, however I did it holding my families hand. The sound of the mechanical fire left me scared and frightened. With the passing of my beloved dad, the funeral, the cremation and to top it off the homework left me into a black hole that sucked in my happiness. Left me with stress, sadness and no hope. I was fortunate to have good and valuable friends that had my back. They raised me back to the confident young man I am now. As you can see, this petition isn't childish. It is way for us as humans to enjoy life, even if it is short. But with an approximate 9 hours of school and then more work a.k.a. homework can cheat us the valuable moments. Especially to many that aren't fortunate to have loyal and valuable friends and loved ones.

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