Mayor Deblasio APOLOGIZE

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Mayor Bill Deblasio,

We the undersigned demand you apologize for using a stereotype image of Asians in your comments on the NYC specialized HS diversity issue, you alluded the problem was due to Asians using an unfair "economic advantage" for test prep courses.  We remind you that not all Asians are well off and face the same poverty as other groups.

(De Blasio has attributed racial disparities to the accessibility of test-prep classes and tutors to economically advantaged families.)

This position only creates divisiveness among minorities.  Need we remind you, YOU are the mayor of all in NYC and should be more culturally and ethnically sensitive.

NYC has over 1M Asians and we demand the same respect as any other demographic!   Your insensitive remarks are unacceptable.

You claim to be a progressive mayor but it seems more

NYC, progressive for some..NOT for others

Thank you,