HERE TO STAY: We can't let gentrification push us out of NYC

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  • Our goal is to raise awareness to unite to fight to stop gentrification and save affordable housing. We do not want to see one more family or elder displaced. We will not allow another landlord or developer to push people out, especially those of low-to-middle income.
  • Despite having affordable housing plans in place already, there are still economic struggles that can be present for new housing that is renovated which increases their prices. Thus, informing residents all about Mayor de Blasio's Housing Plan.
  • We want people to get connected to vital legal, housing and community resources. 
  • Getting residents of New York to support this petition would allow for the awareness of the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing which requires developers to set aside 20 to 30 percent of all new building for permanently affordable units in all developments that take advantage of a rezoning. We want universal rent-stabilization in NYC.
  • Furthermore, this petition speak towards many issues of affordability and fears that implementing future plans would result in displacement and lead to the construction of non-contextual buildings, without taking into account the underlying effects on the  people of NYC. #heretostay #yestoaffordablehousing