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Eliminate Participation in Government "Quality of Life" research paper in NYC

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Teenagers around NYC have been asked to create a research paper consisting of picking a quality of life topic such as environment, resources etc. to find a solution for a specific issue happening in your community. As far as I'm concerned, many of these things the paper requires you to do takes up most of the teenagers quality of life, ironically. Completing this paper requires a student to go through many months of handwork with no stop in order to complete a paper that guarantees them a step into college. This should NOT affect whether or not a student goes into college or not, considering the fact that seniors are filling out college applications which might be just as stressful enough... asking a student to do a 40 page research paper that has absolutely nothing to do with college that guarantees entry is blasphemous.
Eliminating this class will allow students to be free with their decision making, and job planning gearing up for the real world as being a senior should be. Seniors should be able to have a life filled with imagination, exploration and building of the adult life. Having a paper being shoved down their throat, with countless expectations that are just too hard to understand or able to achieve is contributing to "senioritis" and stress that we as young adults shouldn't be experiencing. We should be experiencing a smooth transition into college without anything holding us back then what is required of us by the colleges to guarantee entrance that some of us have actually completed over a year ago.

Seniors have actually been worried, some straight A students that have never failed anything in their life, that they won't be able to complete the project and make it to college. In addition, many others feel that way as well and there's absolutely nothing we can do but work harder than ever before and cause more stress. Seniors fearing graduations rates slowly dropping because of this project as well, and we cant allow this to happen based on a project that wont guarantee even the issue we do will be solved at all. Many students will be left without a college and redo the class again, because of non stop work. At least other academic classes understand that a senors life of work and juggling school is almost very impossible to achieve, quality of life does not.

With eliminating this class, you'll be allowing thousands of seniors and future seniors to broaden their horizon and have more free time to explore life as they gear up for adult life heading into college without having a paper hold them back from getting there. With your cooperation we can make a difference in schools everywhere in NYC and allow students to graduate.

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