Elder Abuse In New York Must End Now by Home Health Care Aides and Nursing Home Facilties.

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There are too many elderly individuals being abused in this country including my parent as seen in this photo here. Often in the social media or an article in a newspaper, you can almost expect to see another story of abuse at the hands of a Home Health Aide or caregiver at a Nursing Home facility. Recently, another story hit the internet regarding another elderly woman 95 years old who was abused by a caretaker name Roxann Bucchan-Straker in Silver Springs, Maryland.  This woman constantly hit this elderly woman continuously striking her in her head, face and mushing this poor woman in her face. Ms. Bucchan-Straker had no business in this profession.  Although she was found guilty and sentenced to a year in prison I can't help to think about all the individuals out there who have committed crimes and apply for other positions in the healthcare business in other states. Easily done because there are no real background checks by the majority of these home health care agencies due to the desperate need to hire individuals to fill their quarters.  Abuse and neglect don't always mean an elderly person is physically hurt.  It can also mean that the home health care aides are being neglectful in their daily responsibilities in caring for these people.  Abandonment, neglect, verbal abuse all of which can be construed as an abusive act. However, the most hideous act would be physical abuse in which we clearly have seen over and over again by the hands of these home health care providers.  New Jersey and Maryland obviously have a No tolerance for these acts and punish those who commit them. Yet, in New York, we have yet to prosecute these individuals accordingly. The New York City Police Department has a classification for the abandonment of an elderly or handicap individual but there is rarely an arrest because it is classified as a misdemeanor.  We have got to change the laws immediately in New York City by arresting those who are found guilty of such acts against the elderly or handicap with a full prosecution making it a felony. Once an individual in the healthcare profession is found guilty of such their license awarded to them by the New York State Department of Health should be revoked indefinitely.  This will prevent this individual from working in a healthcare field of any kind.  Second, it is imperative that these Nursing Homes, Home Healthcare Agencies commit to having background checks by the FBI.  This will prevent incidents like those who come to this country and are terrorist.  It wasn't too long ago a story broke of a home health care aide who was here for that purpose and was caught at the airport.  A journalist by the name of Gary Glennell Toms (The Gman Interviews) predicted this would happen and called the hiring of home health care aides without a proper background check a National Security risk.  While other states have implemented strict rules and laws against elder abuse New York City hasn't.  What message are you sending the family (caregivers) of the elderly who put their love ones in the hands of strangers called home health care aides?  Not only should these aides be held accountable the Agencies and Manage Long-Term Care providers should be held responsible as well.  They should be aware of the vendors they hire too. Let's make a change New York City protect our elderly.

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