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Educate middle schoolers about eating disorders in New York!

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In the United states over thirty million people suffer from eating disorders, 2.7% of which are teenagers between the ages 13 and 18. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and every sixty-two minutes at least one person dies from an eating disorder. In order to prevent eating disorders education from a young age is crucial.

Teaching children the dangers of a limited diet, purging and binge eating so that they can recognize if they struggle with an eating disorder, how they can get help to overcome their disorder, and then reinforcing how to have a healthy lifestyle can significantly decrease the amount of deaths caused by eating disorders per year. Though Health is a mandated class by the DOE in New York during middle school, eating disorders is not a topic covered within the class. The DOE must involve eating disorder education into their agenda to teach kids starting from middle school. 30% of high school girls and 16% of high school boys suffer from a form of eating disorder so educating kids before they are more acceptable to eating disorders is crucial. If eating disorders are covered in the mandated Health class in New York state the dangers and signs are known, the topic is more talked about and openly discussed so that children struggling with an eating disorder will feel comfortable seeking help, and those struggling with body image can be steered away from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Please sign this petition to let New York State know that Eating disorders are a topic that needs to be talked about in middle school. Through education and communication we can fight against eating disorders and help victims find the road to recovery.


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