$130 Million for a Soccer Field?

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In 2005 Bloomberg designated 28 acres for the future Bushwick Inlet Park with estimated costs of $60-90 Million. Nearly 15 years later only 3.5 acres are built and the total spent is nearly $500 Million (nearly the cost of the 540 acre completed Hudson River Park). This includes a soccer field and small building that cost $130 Million alone to construct, compared to the $80 million the city spent to create The Highline.

Obviously while we care about having world class parks in our neighborhood we also recognize that Northside Williamsburg is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city and already contains numerous beautiful park spaces. This means that we have an even greater responsibility when spending public funds because every dollar misspent in Williamsburg are dollars that could have gone to maintain or improve already underserved parks in neighborhoods like Brownsville, or to the creation of parks in emerging industrial neighborhoods like Bushwick.

To spend more on a soccer field in front of multimillion dollar condos than the city did for the Highline is a gross mismanagement of public funds and cannot be allowed to continue.

We demand that the city launch a public inquiry into the money spent so far on Bushwick Inlet Park, and also that the leadership surrounding the stewardship of the project immediately be changed so that a progressive, inclusive and equitable path can be forged.