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Please UN-Ban Adam the Woo from Universal Orlando Resort

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On April 5th, 2017, a popular YouTuber named Adam the Woo was indefinitely banned from the entire Universal Orlando Resort properties. This is based on a couple of videos he made close to five years ago where he explored some old attractions (with full respect on those, meaning JUST documenting them). He has since stopped making those sort of videos and has more focused on showcasing everything Universal has to offer (along with other places as well). As fans of his videos, we appreciate how much respect he shows your parks, as well as other theme parks and travel attractions, museums, historic items, etc. As people grow, so do their talents. One of the things most of his viewers enjoy is seeing what is new at your parks, and special events such as Halloween Horror Nights. All this is done without giving much away of the attractions and experience, allowing it to be more of a promotion for your parks more than anything. He no longer "sneaks" behind the scenes or any such thing, and hasn't since those videos made five years ago. He has been to your parks multiple times as an annual pass-holder and many use his videos as a way to prepare and get excited to visit your parks themselves. I am included in that number as I visited your park last February with my family. If you were to go through his videos where he visits your parks (especially ones made over the last year or two), you will see just how much love he shows for your parks and how much respect he has for them as well. We fans ask you to PLEASE reconsider banning him from Universal Orlando Resort and can promise you that you will not regret that decision. In the age of smartphones with cameras and youtube, I can honestly say that you can not ask for better FREE promotion from people like Adam the Woo for your parks. Thank you.

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