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I feel like they're stealing our children and we are being giving a death sentence for something we did not do .I was approved through the West Virginia DHHR to care for my three grandchildren .I was saying and talking to them on a regular basis up to August 1st 2017 my Lawyer, CPS and prosecuting attorney was for the grandkids coming home then the guardian at litem stood up told lies about my home ,he had never even called my phone number or been to my home .The CPS worker and my Lawyer told me the judge did a 360 and a 180 when the Guardian at Litem stood up the Judhe changed his mind . I have been researching this Guardian at litem and I'm not sure that he should even be making decisions for children. I'm really worried that there's a lot of children he has made bad decisions and that  probably been took from their families and this one Judge is very intimidating CPS worker told me herself she does not want to go against him ever again and everybody that goes in there says you know nobody wants to be in front of him he was actually my lawyer 20 that 21 years ago a drunk driver had hit me he made money off my case. I've got a call into the judicial investigation to see if I can do something there .I do have a lawyer we are in West Virginia Supreme Court second round we have five justices only one of them went by the laws and I want to thank Ketchum for knowing the laws because I think if a lot of them would read up and know the laws and not just be sitting on the bench things would be different for a lot of these children that everybody's in such a panic for because they do not have a home they probably have a relative that wants them ,it's the court system denying them I am federally bonded on my job of over 28 years I passed everything within 2 weeks fingerprints drug test whatever they asked me to do two weeks and I have a very nice home after everything the guardian at Litem wanted to say lies about my home . So please everybody everybody sign this petition� I don't know if this works ,but everybody put a petition out of here you know we need President Trump to do something immediately and go over all these back cases and send these babies home to their families where they belong so they can know their nieces and nephews and their cousins and we have like a hundred people in my family and we are all in shock over this situation. I'd appreciate you signing my petition .I know it's sort of long story its actually longer than this ,but I promise you that I passed and I promise you that I'm a good mother and grandmother and there was no reason for this or I would not be posting it have a blessed day and may all your dreams come true and kids and grandkids and relatives come home. One last thing  Once my case is completely closed and if my grandchildren do not come home,  I can Foster and or adopt your grandkids  ,but not my own  .how sad is this  please sign  and if you know anything I can do to move further  please let me know �������