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Stop wastage of imperfect bananas.

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Hi My name is Savannah Friday. I am 10 yrs old, I go to school in High Wycombe WA. In class we watched War on Waste, ABC.  Episode1 Series 1, it was based on food wastage. The one that shocked me was the Waste of Bananas in Queensland. One of the Banana Farms interviewed in the show is called LMB Farms, the owner of the farm is Jade Buchanan. One time the farm grew 80 million bananas and wasted approximately 40%. That is equal to loss of 32 million bananas, due to very strict product specifications which includes the sizing, thickness and shape of the fruit. It's a great loss of food that is still edible.

I asked myself what we did with our banana wastage here in Western Australia and I found an article on ABC Rural News about how banana growers have turned their food wastage into gourmet gelato, banana bread and have also supplied a smoothie company with the unwanted fruit. Finding this solution has reduced there food wastage by more than 90%. I hope that Queensland uses this solution to fix their food waste problem.

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