Stop Bill 66 Section 9

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We are looking to change section 9

Bill 66 isn’t just part of a war on “red tape,” it is part of the government’s attack on workers and it is a step backwards for the people of Ontario.

When it comes to the proposed changes to the Employment Standards Act, Bill 66 would only increase precarious employment – not good, stable jobs that improve our standard of living and help to fuel our growing economy.  

Bill 66 represents the next step in the Ford government’s anti-worker agenda. These are regressive changes that put the priorities of big business and the relentless desire for profits, before the people.

Bill 66 is supposed to be the government’s latest attempt to make Ontario more competitive but, when it comes to construction, Premier Ford has apparently decided to do this by attacking ordinary workers. Parts of this Bill will eliminate construction bargaining rights and existing, long standing, collective agreements covering construction workers and various public sector employers, including municipalities, school boards, hospitals, universities and alike.

Bill 66, Schedule 9 would also amend the OLRA so that municipalities, local boards, school boards, colleges, universities and public entities would be deemed “non-construction employers.” This change effectively means that, “trade unions that hold construction bargaining rights for those entities would cease to represent their employees in the construction industry.”[9] These entities would no longer have to subcontract according to the collective agreements to which they are currently bound, and they could use non-union or open shops for construction work.

This legislative amendment is a direct attack on unions in the construction sector. This places a downward pressure on wages and benefits in the construction sector, and represents a cost-cutting endeavour that would threaten public health and safety. It also interferes with workers’ freedom of association guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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