Justice for Rape Victim.Culprit and his family member who exploited grl should be punished

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It’s a story of a girl (victim) who one day gets a call from consultancy for a job by the guy named Ravi Shankar son of Sunil Kumar Choudhary of Purnea(Bihar). Since she had a different offer in hand, she rejected the offer. Ravi informs her that he is from her own town and want to become her friend and continues to call her. When girl said she can't talk to the stranger he came down to Pune just to meet her. Girl soon started working in Mumbai. Ravi even came to Mumbai and proposed her for marriage but she clearly said that she is in love with Hemant so she can be just his good friend and Ravi leaves back to Bangalore but never stopped calling her. After a year Hemant wanted a break up when the girl asked him to get married. Hemant was simply using the girl for physical needs with the false promise of marriage. Victim shared the story with her roommate who took her to NGO. The NGO people took her to police and filed a complaint. Till then Ravi had become a good friend of the victim, he suggested to leave Mumbai to come out of a trauma. Change of place may help in recovering and advised her to come Bangalore because Bangalore is also known as software hub. Since till then Ravi had become her good friend, she took his advice and went to Bangalore and started working. One day Ravi came to her flat once again proposed her. Since she had already been through a trauma it was really hard for her to believe in love therefore, she rejected and asked him to leave since she was alone but instead of leaving, he raped her. After that in very filmy style takes sindur and put in girls head says you are my wife from today I did mistake but I'm taking the responsibility and will talk to my parents really soon and will marry you socially too. The girl had already gone through a trauma and it was a second trauma and she took it as a fate. After sometime Ravi said to convince them please transfer money to my brother-in-law's account as dowry girl did that, then he demanded a mobile for her mother similarly guy took lakhs of rupees from her but there was no confirmed date for socially marrying her. One fine day Ravi said her I will not marry you and if you will say anyone that I raped you or if you say anything against me to anyone, I have the FIR copy of the case that you did on Hemant I will defame you. Since we are from the same town everyone will know about you. Even she with her family member went to his house but there was no positive output. With the fear girl decided to keep quiet. She quit the job and went to her home town. Her family member went to his house they insulted calling her family of lower cast and said how could they even think general cast boy will marry her daughter his brother Gaurav Anand who works in UNION Bank in CHENNAI abused her saying you are the girl who have slept with 10 guys if my brother raped you then what happened it was not new thing for you. Even her sister Rashmi Choudhary called and threatened her saying she will defame her if the victim goes to police.

The crime of rape is a major problem in India. The accused has often gone free, because the victim did not file a complaint, it is estimated that only one (1) in 69 cases even gets reported.

However, now she gathered courage and have reported to the police about the Rape and the money taken by Ravi and his family member. She also has submitted the bank statement to them. Although police have arrested Ravi but they are not taking any action on his brother in law which brings #bihar_police in the eye of doubt.  Now when everyone is coming forward and supporting #METOO movement we cannot take off our eyes from this kind of exploitation too.  Name of his brother-in-law is Satish Kumar Sharma. He works for a software company named ACI WORLDWIDE INDIA in Bangalore. I think we should support her and help her to get justice and let her know that she is not alone. Police and the ACI WORLDWIDE INDIA should take action against Satish Kumar his brother-in-law, UNION Bank should take action on Gaurav Anand and Bail of Ravi Shankar should be rejected by High Court Patna .


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