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Language is backbone of culture and Music is hearbeat of present modern youth. Radio Mirchi - Patna has totally ignored all the languages of Bihar and only plays songs from Hindi films, be it hindi, bhojpuri or panjabi, they play from only hindi films. This is creating a misbalance and creating a rift in youth's mond agaisnt their own languages. But same radio Mirchi plays tamil, telugu, kannda, Malyalam, Bangla, Marathi in other states and from the films of their language. So, why not in Bihar from our own Bhojpuri and Maithli films which exists from last 50 years.

Letter to
Radio Mirchi - Patna
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Radio Mirchi.

The Station Head
Radio Mirchi
Sub: Inclusion of Bihar based songs from Bhojpuri and Maithili films in the play list of Radio Mirchi Songs.
I am a citizen of this city since 30 years and a filmmaker by profession. It took me a while to write this letter, all this time I was observing the programs of Radio Mirchi.
Patna, a city which is capital of a state which has 5 languages and I am sure all the biharis employed in your station have roots in one of these languages, i.e. Angika, Bhojpuri, Magahi, Maithili or Bajjika.

To my horror and disappointment, the programming heads of Radio Mirchi, Patna/Mumbai have absolutely no respect and consideration whatsoever for the rich bhojpuri and maithili film music, which exists in the state from last 50 years. I don’t need to mention the myriad folk tradition of Bihar, which keeps on inspiring the hindi film industry over the period of time.

What is your reason for not playing or even providing atleast an hour slot to the songs of language, which is spoken by majority of the people who you claim to be your audience? Radio Mirchi plays songs from the local films in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka but not in Bihar. I wonder why.

Radio Mirchi plays bhojpuri/Punjabi songs from Hindi films. Songs from Peepli Live, Gangs of Wasseypur, Vicky Donor, etc are such examples. Radio Mirchi is same time playing the deplorable songs like “I am your hunter..” and abhorrent songs like “Bose DK..” So, I deduce that you are playing both bhojpuri songs and same time really low braided songs from hindi films but you are not prepared to play songs from the language of the land, from the films of the people to whom you are making listen your songs according your marketing strategies and revenue model. Mirchi has completed 4 years in Bihar. Didn’t it struck to you that Bihar has completed 100 years and its time when Radio Mirchi should give atleast 1 hour slot to we the people of Bihar, for our sentiments and our languages.
Moreover, what radio Mirchi has done which gives me profound sense of revulsion that it has pushed the true Bihari songs from its cinema to “Mobile Radio”. So bhojpuri and maithili songs will not be played on their main channel but on Mobile Radio. Such a feudal mind. By doing this you have banished us and send us to ghettos in our own homes. Are you also under impression that all bhojpuri songs are filthy? I find hindi film songs equally ignoble and atrocious. There has to be objective view about it. Don’t play filthy songs if that is the case. But you are already doing so with hindi songs. Is it the elitist behaviour which Bihar has bear the brunt since 100 or more years or is it simple case of ignoring we the biharis in our lands by Radio Mirchi ? This sounds so much like “Dogs and Indians are not allowed” during the British Rule. No wonder you are running a foreign company, which has absolutely no respect for Bihar.
Your website has Top 20 songs from various languages but not in languages of Bihar. Mirchi Music Award doesn’t even recognize Bhojpuri Music – folk or Cinema. We have icon like Padmshri Sharda Sinha. Govt of India should stop giving award to icons from Bihar like her because her own voice is being banished in her own home.
You need to realize that Music, Cinema, literature are social products and not just apparel or food. This complete rejection of our own Music in our land will only arouse sentiments, which will result in social outburst in coming days. Radio Mirchi is earning all the revenues from us but such rejection of our own cultural and social sentiments is not in a good taste.
I request humbly to find atleast an hour of slot for “our” own Bihari songs from our cinema. I hope my words will grab some attention and make the head honchos of Radio Mirchi and its parent company to think about Bihar.
Kind Regards,