DOMINATIONS: Request for a War Review System before War starts to avoid unfair matchmaking

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This petition is in reference to the recent changes in the World War Matchmaking Algorithm in Dominations; a game by Big Huge Games & Nexon. The recent changes have flawed the matchmaking that happens for World Wars, one of the key feature of the Game, which has led to deterioration of gaming experience of the players and its community as a whole. Every game is built on the base of a strong supporting community which invests time and money in the gaming experience and development of the game.

The petition requests introduction of 'War Review / Kill Option' feature, where by Leaders of an Alliance participating in a war being matched against another Alliance where the matchmaking is skewed in favor on one side to win with very little or no hope for other side (weak side); can request for a Review / Kill War option to the review team setup by Game Developers. Currently we suggest a minimum buffer period of 12-16 hours before the World is about to begin, where in the Leaders of the alliance are allowed to ask for a review of the allocated War, and a subsequent timeline of 8-10 hours for such requests to be evaluated and acted upon by the review team.

This will allow for heavily mismatched wars to either be allowed to continue or be cancelled after reviewed and message regarding the same be dropped to alliance in the Inbox messages regarding the reason of acceptance/denial of raised request.

Having implemented such a feature will allow the developers to have a account of a number of mismatch war which currently go unreported simply because people have to go through a separate channel (Nexon support) to highlight such issues which many dont. This will also give Game Developers a first hand insight into the kind of mismatches that our occurring, possible reasons for them to occur, and thereby come up with well rehearsed fix to incrementally fix this issue of matchmaking in near feature.

The reason for such a suggestion is due to the wide scope of conditions/parameters based on which the matchmaking process is based. The current matchmaking system which is based on parametric weight evaluation to calculate alliance strength to match it against a similar strength alliance is complex. To add to the same is the issue of availability of similarly matched opposition at the same time to prevent long wait times for matchmaking process. Addition of this feature will aid to keep the matchmaking times lower & hence tolerable at the same time allowing for imbalanced war match-ups to be reviewed and acted upon. This in medium to long run will provide significant data to incrementally fix the algorithm thereby presenting much balanced wars in future and hence improve the overall experience of community who play and support this game.

We hereby hope that the Game developers take a due note of this request and work towards required framework and implementation of this feature.