Save Jung Hoseok from anything bad that could happen to him

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Jung Hoseok, commonly known as J-Hope is a member of BTS, a beautiful Kpop group. As fans and Army's will know J-Hope is a little ray of sunshine that brightens everyone's day. Wether he's dressing up as a flower, being a dancing queen or rapping like a boss, he's debatably the most uplifting member in BTS. This man is saving lives and making everyone smile everyday, how will we live with ourselves if something bad ever happened to him? With your suppprt we can give J-Hope safety priority. We'll pad the ground he walks on so if he trips he won't hurt himself. We'll keep him happy in every moment. If the world is going to end we'll make sure Jung Hoseok survives. Save Jung Hoseok from anything bad that could ever happen to him.