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In light of the hectic, stressful, and what many fans would call unsuccessful ticket buying process from the past few days of the BTS Love Yourself Tour, it is clear that a change in the system must occur. Simply search all platforms of social media and you will find that an overwhelming majority of BTS fans, better known as ARMY, were not able to buy tickets. Tickets were sold out within mere minutes, if not seconds for every city so far, and were turning up on third party websites soon after at incredulous prices. These overpriced tickets on third party websites now appear to be one of the sole option for fans. This option is not realistic, as the prices are a far cry from what have been initially advertised. It is safe to say a majority of fans do not have the means to spend $500-$1000 plus dollars for one single ticket.

Again, a change in the system must occur. This change is essential so that real people who are actually interested in attending shows are protected and have an authentic opportunity to purchase tickets. This change is essential so that tickets are kept out of scalpers' hands, scalpers whose only intentions are to make money off of fans in desperation.

The solution to this issue would be implementing the Ticketmaster Verified Fan process with pre-sales, OR a process similar to this tailored to BTS and their ARMY. The Ticketmaster Verified Fan process has the ability to separate actual humans from scalpers and bots from the start; thus, vastly improving the issue of ticket scalping and allowing real, human fans the ability to attend the concerts. This technology has been proven to have worked with great success in the past for many artists, and it can not be stressed enough that the BTS Love Yourself Tour could greatly benefit from it. BigHit Entertainment may not have anticipated the overwhelming demand for tickets when first planning the Love Yourself Tour. But now that the demand is undeniable and they are aware, let's come together to show them there in fact can be a solution to the unfortunate issues we have been experiencing when attempting to purchase tickets.

BigHit Entertainment, if you are listening (reading), the BTS ARMY wants to first graciously thank you for what you do for us and for BTS. We secondly and ultimately ask that you please consider utilizing the Ticketmaster Verified Fan process, or a process similar in order to eliminate scalpers and bots taking away opportunity from those who love, support, appreciate, and are inspired by BTS whole-heartedly. BTS undoubtedly works incredibly hard and their fans are fully aware of this. BTS deserves to be surrounded not by empty seats set at too high a price to pay by scalpers, but by their beloved ARMY, all across the world. Please be a part of this change. Thank you.


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