Add Another BTS Date in Chicago

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On May 7th, most of BTS' tour dates for their 'Love Yourself' tour were released for their shows in America and Canada. Living in a state where they didn't even consider having a show is hard because we have to travel to the closest city to make our dreams happen. However, many of us didn't even get the chance to purchase the tickets because of the unfair sales process on Ticketmaster (with resale and times. Usually, concert tickets go on sale in the morning when it's less hectic, but these tickets went on sale between 3:00PM-5:00PM in Detroit). I tried getting tickets to all three Canadian shows as well as the two shows in Chicago, Newark, and I even tried the one in Oakland (even though I'd have to travel all the way across the country, which would interfere with my college courses). I spent a total of over 6 hours on my laptop searching for tickets with no luck. I really hope BigHit considers releasing more tour dates in the area or even considers places that they didn't before (Ex: DETROIT). ARMYS WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER TO GET MORE SHOWS TO SEE OUR BOYS. PLEASE SIGN AND SEND TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.