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It's quite obvious that Western countries have an enormous amount of exposure to K-Pop and many other genres of music, but what a lot of ARMYs living within Pakistan don't know is that there are much more Pakistani K-Pop stans in the world than stans in, let's say, the United Kingdom. You see, official statistics might fail me on this point, but we have to use our logic here; culture is perhaps one of the biggest influencers when it comes to discovering K-Poppers in our everyday lives. Due to Bollywood having taken our country by storm many decades ago, the majority of us just assume that Indian music - and mainstream American music, if you're lucky - is all that our peers listen to, but oh my, I couldn't have been more ignorantly incorrect.

You see, I have lived in and visited many places around the world and experienced a vast array of cultures, from conservative Riyadh to American heaven in Saudi Aramco, from luscious Wales to culturally dense cities all across England. Surprisingly, I've stumbled across over ONE HUNDRED ARMYs and K-Poppers in the short ONE MONTH I've been living in Karachi compared to only twenty in all of the countries listed above combined. Now, I understand that the amount of years I've spent listening to K-Pop, the cities I've visited and my exposure to different peer groups may be wildly different to yours, thus making you feel as if my statements may be exaggerated or false, but you have to remember that these are my personal experiences and don't apply to everyone.

Now, putting my ratio of K-Poppers in different cities into perspective, I've been travelling the world for all sixteen years of my life. The exposure I've had to other people doesn't only consist of the children attending my schools, but shopkeepers, neighbours, family and much, much more people I have acquainted with within my communities. I'd say that I can identify approximately 900 of my personal acquaintances and only twelve of them listen to K-Pop while the other eight I know were people whom I just knew to enjoy K-Pop and nothing else about them. However, the only exposure I've had to people within Pakistan are my close relatives (of which fifteen are into K-Pop), my next door neighbours (of which two are into K-Pop) and the rest attend both my school and my cousin's school. Once again, your experience may be different to mine, but Pakistan is PACKED to the absolute brim with all of us, yet we still can't seem to reveal ourselves from the dark, secluded areas outside our screens, refusing to show the world that we exist, too.

Now, before we can even dream about BTS visiting us and hosting a concert in one of our major cities, we have to start realistically and smart. We must firstly show the rest of the BTS fanbase how many of us are out there, such as participating in mass voting events (such as MAMA) to show our utmost support. If all you do is sing along to the lyrics of Spring Day on your computer screen, it would be highly beneficial if you were also to create a BTS fan account on Twitter so that people can start seeing Pakistani ARMYs on their feeds more often. It's a no-brainer that BTS know what Pakistan is, but can anyone of you genuinely say that Pakistan is the first country that pops into the minds of our ethereal cherubs whenever they think of ARMYs? I don't think so.

In conclusion, we have to work very, very hard and put as much effort into this dream as much as humanely possible, but while we're on our mission to make our planet a little bit brighter, why don't we also shoot for the stars and perhaps sign this petition for a BTS concert along the way? I'll start off big - 15,000. It might take quite a few months - or even years - to hit our goal, but I swear, one day, whether it may be in the foreseeable or distant future, our toils won't be wasted - I promise.


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