BTS To Visit Pakistan

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First and foremost, I must clear up some of the most common misconceptions regarding this petition:

  1. Even if BTS hold 38 concerts here in Pakistan within the next ten years, this petition is never supposed to be seen by them nor BigHit. The entire purpose of this is to calculate an official number of people that support the idea of them performing here. Since is a legally strong website where signatures cannot be easily falsified, this petition is the best place to determine the most accurate statistics possible. These stats will also be used as a legal document that will be presented to officials for various other bigger projects I have under wraps for the time being. This petition is in no way our whole plan to bring them here but rather a tool that will assist us in the future.
  2. The majority of the people that have acknowledged this petition but haven't signed it due to fretting over the boys' safety — there's absolutely no logical reason to worry. If BTS, some of the most in-demand multi-millionaires on this planet were to visit Pakistan, both the government & BigHit would bring along the most elite security teams possible if threats were an issue. Even when the smallest of politicians cruise Pakistani streets, the roads get blocked for miles and miles to maintain utmost safety. Not only that but unlike many Western airports, people without boarding passes cannot enter airports within Pakistan — thus, slightly heightened pre-existing security, not to mention private runways also being quite common. Capitalism must rot to the absolute core; however, within this one instance, we shall let it slide.

Whilst I don't doubt we have enough ARMYs to fill up 60k+ capacity stadiums very easily, the main reason as to why we aren't receiving as much content and connection from BTS is not necessarily inactivity as individuals within the fandom, but rather lack of unity as a country. Don't worry, though; we have many streaming parties, charity projects, meet-ups and various activities planned that will take place within the foreseeable future. Be sure to check up on the petition every two weeks for new information as to what's going on within the Pakistani side of the fandom!


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