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Don't reward Rachel for her anorexic behaviors.

In a day in age when body image is so important, why is a show that reaches millions of people each season awarding a person for their blatant anorexic behaviors. You are telling the young and old that in order to win Biggest Loser for the ultimate prize, you have to engage in anorexic behaviors. You called Jillian out on giving supplements to contestants but you allow Rachel to win based on anorexic behaviors. What are you saying to your child ambassadors? So we are calling on you as the producers of the show, who condone healthy change for a healthy lifestyle, to pull her prize money from her for not losing the weight in a healthy manor. Send a message to the world that your show will NOT stand for losing weight this way!  We are, also, calling on you to change your rules to include BMI measurements in the equation.  You should not send the players home to fend for themselves.  They is when you are encouraging them to engage in distructive behavior to lose as much weight as they can in the shortest amount of time. 

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