Please require students to wear masks while at school

Please require students to wear masks while at school

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Started by Megan Davis

Every single one of us in this room wants our kids, and the kids of of our district to be safe. End of story. There is no us vs. them when it comes to our kids safety and well being. However, some of us do have a disagreement. As of August 4, 2021 the CDC has updated it's  recommendations to include  universal indoor masking for all students, staff, teachers, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. Our district has chosen to make masks optional.

We have put this petition together to ask for a special meeting among the school board, school nurse, and superintendent to discuss doing as the CDC recommends, followed by a vote. 

With this new variant, the rate of kids becoming infected has risen. Now we are hearing about children with long haul COVID problems, and some are even dying. There are kids struggling in our state on the ventilator as we speak. Recently there have been between 2,000 and 8,000  new cases in Ohio each day. As of today, 9/7/2021 there have been SEVENTY THREE new deaths from COVID 19. I am sure that every single one of those people that died  have family. Family that wonders if they could have done anything different. Masking is proven to significantly reduce spread. If an option like that is readily available (which it is), why would BW not choose to mandate it in order to take as many steps as we can as a community to fight for the health of our kids.

Yes, there may still be break through cases. Yes, some kids will get annoyed by the masks. And yes, we are ALL super tired of this pandemic and everything it involves. However, the small discomfort and inconvenience  of wearing masks at school is a great shield for our community. I have seen people questioning why it matters if their kid wears a mask, if my child is already wearing one. These kind of comments are are truly based on ignorance. As we all know, Big Walnut did great last year with keeping COVID at bay, while staying in school the full year. We believe that this is because everyone was masked. Our kids really do need to be in school, in person, after all of this unpredictability. Kids adapt well and did great with masks last year. Masking literally creates a physical barrier against the droplets that the COVID particles hitch a ride on. 

I find it infuriating there are still myths that need to be debunked, but since the myths are still around, and even spoken out load at previous board meetings, I will help try to debunk a couple mask myths and concerns that I have heard from the same people saying "you have your kid wear one, and stop worrying about what we do in our family."

1. 'Wearing a mask doesn't work.' Well, this just isn't true. Yes, just wearing a mask alone will not 100% prevent you from getting the corona virus. However, layering it with social distancing, and good hygiene is key. Keeping masks clean are another factor. It is almost impossible to truly social distance in the classrooms, so the masks would be a great help since the distancing prevention piece is missing. Also, the masks do work to help keep the droplets that COVID 19 travels on, out of the respiratory tract. 

2. 'Wearing a mask is a personal choice. Why are you worried if my kid wears a mask too?'  It really does take all of us. The child who is masked is protecting others by limiting what germs they can spread out. Having the child sitting across from them masked, then helps the first masked classmate  by not spreading their germs through droplets across to them. 

3. 'Kids touching and readjusting their masks makes them even sicker.' Well to start, proper and frequent hand hygiene is a MUST here. Also, speaking with your kids often about not touching their eyes after having to adjust their mask is a must. Then reiterate about proper and frequent hand hygiene. 

In closing, please stop using the guise of saying you are "strongly encouraging" masks in order to say that you are helping to stop the spread. Please actually do something, and please do it now. 

We ask that you assemble a special meeting, or even today if possible in executive session, discuss this, and vote to have AT LEAST the  kids that aren't eligible to be vaccinated wear a mask during school hours. However, our preference would be that all kids wear masks at school. 

The names attached to this petition are members of OUR community. The community we share together and strive to grow and improve together. These are just some of the people believe in this cause.

Thank you very much for your time. We appreciate what you do for the district and look forward to continuing to grow together.



Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools | CDC

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232 have signed. Let’s get to 500!